10 Best Cannabis Business Directories

10 Best Cannabis Business Directories

Explore these top 10 cannabis business directories to take your ventures to new heights!

As a result of the intense competition in the cannabis market, distinguishing your brand from others has never been more critical.

Since cannabis companies are limited when it comes to marketing their products, investing in SEO and content marketing is crucial to stay on top. And if you’re a cannabis business owner looking to improve your digital marketing game, you’re in luck!
Evergreen Digital offers a free analysis to help you identify areas for improvement. One effective way to increase your domain’s authority and earn higher rankings in search engines is by obtaining backlinks, and cannabis business directories can be an excellent source of them.

So before we dive into the list of the best cannabis business directories, let’s first explain what they are.

Cannabis Business Directories, What Are They?

Contrary to websites that generally showcase a single business or a product, a directory is a type of hub that contains a lot of businesses of the same type. They’re great tools for customers who want to research a plethora of different products from different brands all in one place.

Generally speaking, directory listings are going to help the most in the early stages of starting your website. They help initially, especially if you are a cannabis shop or local brick-and-mortar store, to get your website picked up by search engines more quickly as they will see more domains are linking to yours. For retailers, it also associates your business with a physical address, thus sending more signals to search engines about who you are and where you are located.

They’re especially useful for new marijuana businesses whose websites are newer and not quite ranking in search engines yet as some can even help you showcase your products or new dispensary and reach potential customers faster. In the last 10 years, directory sites have significantly contributed to the increased traffic a lot of cannabis websites have experienced, so submitting your website to a directory is a great way to get more traffic and give your brand that much-needed SEO boost.

Why Submit Your Dispensary to Business Directories?

Listing your marijuana business/dispensary on directories provides backlinks, increases brand recognition, and leads to higher sales and traffic.

To be listed in a directory you’ll need to fill out a form containing your business info and possibly pay a monthly or annual fee. Keep in mind, paid directories don’t always guarantee ROI – while they boost visibility and branding, the cost can add up. Investing in an ordering system is usually more beneficial. The free version with “brand mention” and the link is a great option for many.

To help you determine which directories you’d like to get listed on, we’ve reviewed the most popular ones, so let’s see what each of them offers.

Most Popular Cannabis Business Directories

Check out our comprehensive list of top cannabis business directories, including the pricing to get your company listed.

weedmaps business directory

1. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is a top cannabis business directory, widely known since its launch in 2008. Consumers visit to stay informed on cultivation, find dispensaries, and discover popular products. This has substantially grown Weedmap’s traffic and visibility. Typically when you search “[brand name] + location” or “[cannabis product type] + location”, you’ll find Weedmaps near or right at the top with brands, products, and more for you to choose from and order from. Their domain is very authoritative, especially compared to newer, local businesses, like yours.

What’s even more appealing is the community that Weedmaps has created that enables customer interaction. Consumers and newbies can share the latest information about hemp, cannabis, and new products that are coming out on the market, as well as everything else cannabis-related.

Weedmaps is the perfect cannabis directory to list your store or website on as people can search by geolocation, brands, and types of products, and get informed about new deals that are available on various cannabis sites and dispensaries that are listed on the directory. Moreover, their product menu allows you to easily filter through products so visitors can find the exact product they need.

The cost for listing your company on Weedmaps can range from:

  • Free (allows companies to add a backlink to their website as well as include the brand page, logo, and profile photo);
  • Basic at $300/month (includes everything that comes with the free account + about us page, a product menu, a map marker, basic listing, and a ratings and reviews page);
  • Premium at $500/month (includes everything that comes with the basic account + deals pages).

Check out our Weedmaps vs Leafly Post Here

2. Leafly

A cannabis business directory with extensive strain reviews started as a resource for medical marijuana patients. It has gained significant web traffic over the years. Users research information about cannabis strains, including their origin, use, cannabinoid content, and effects.

Leafly was the first “tech” cannabis platform I used consistently back when I first got my medical cannabis card in Michigan and was new to the plant. It helped me learn specific knowledge about cannabis I use in my work to this day. I now help other cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses create educational SEO content for their websites.

After a while, Leafly expanded its field of work and now contains an extensive cannabis business directory that has over 40 million page views per month, which provides a great opportunity and exposure for companies that market their products on the site.

Similar to Weedmaps, it has an extensive product menu that showcases products from the brands that are represented on the site, as well as a map pin of all dispensaries that are listed on Leafly. Cannabis businesses can also take advantage of the company’s advertising services and additional features if they decide to list their company on Leafly’s website.

Leafly’s pricing model is slightly different from other directories since it’s geo-specific, so listing a company in one location can be more expensive than listing a company in another location. In general, the range is between $600 and $4,000 a month, which is significantly higher than other cannabis directories.

ganjapreneur business directory

3. Ganjapreneur Directory

The Ganjapreneur directory is much more than a cannabis directory. It’s an online portal where you can list your dispensary and products, but also network with other cannabis entrepreneurs and get the most recent news about the cannabis industry. On the website, you can find useful resources such as podcasts, interviews, and information about recent medical studies, which will expand your knowledge of cannabis and its many uses.

The directory is especially useful as every piece of information is neatly categorized. You can find listings for lawyers, investors, consultants, and anything you need to launch your startup, but also find lists for marketers, website designers, and equipment manufacturers for your cannabis company.

Ganjapreneur helps you to develop, launch, and expand your business by providing you with all the tools you may need on the road to success. You can navigate the directory and filter the services you need by location and keyword. What’s more, all the resources are updated daily.

Since it is one of the cannabis directories that has the highest traffic, listing your company on the site can get up to $1,950 per year if you want to get a featured profile that offers the following features:

  • advanced profile with a logo
  • no ads in the profile
  • advanced marketing tools
  • homepage feature
  • 15% advertising discount, more

The verified-only listing, on the other hand, costs only $95 and gets you a basic text-only profile with ads.

The standard profile listing is an in-between option that for $750 per year offers:

  • a basic text-only profile
  • no ads in the profile
  • enhanced visibility
  • simple marketing tools
  • and a 10% advertising discount

MedicalJane business directory

4. MedicalJane Directory

Next on our cannabis directory list is MedicalJane. Here, you can get informed on everything cannabis-related, from medical resources to dispensary websites. It’s a valuable resource for patients and businesses alike.

Apart from providing free educational resources on cannabis, the site connects physicians and businesses, as well as medical marijuana patients with licensed physicians that can give them relevant advice about their condition.

The website is organized in a way that enables visitors to easily find industry professionals, cannabis companies, and other services. And the best feature of this directory is that it’s completely free to join. As a cannabis company or a dispensary, you just need to submit your business information along with your email address and name, and you’ll get added to the directory in no time.

Cannabis Business Exchange (CBX) Directory

5. Cannabis Business Exchange (CBX)

The Cannabis Business Exchange (CBX) is a popular directory for weed businesses. Find retailers, dispensaries, B2B services, and cannabis companies. CBX’s website and mobile interface contain valuable metrics such as leads, page views, and more.

Their mission is to enhance the visibility and brand reputation of cannabis businesses, with a particular focus on CBD products and companies. CBD companies can benefit from this directory due to its well-organized content. The directory categorizes CBD products by type, including CBD vaporizer brands, oil distributors, franchises, and wholesalers.

Searching the directory is even easier as it allows consumers to search by location and keywords, so they can find the best businesses that are closest to them. A directory needs to be user-friendly, and CBX is all that and more. Finally, you can get all of these perks with a basic monthly plan that starts at $20 if you want to try to add your business there.

THCBiz weed Directory

6. THCBiz Directory

THCBiz directory is much more than a cannabis business directory, as it’s your B2B destination for business articles, cannabis-related news and stocks, and topics related to cannabis cultivation, legal services, business services, dispensary resources, a lot of other subcategories.

By linking your brand’s website to an easy-to-use mobile directory, you can boost traffic and sales. Get featured for only $42/month, or pay a $99 annual basic listing charge.

Cannabis Business Exchange (CBX) Directory

7. CBE Business Directory (Cannabis Business Executive)

Cannabis Business Executive or the (CBE Business Directory) connects business owners with service providers and ancillary product suppliers, while also providing the latest industry news. Their directory has everything from banks and accounts to security solutions, product manufacturers, distributors, and more.

You can also post listings and connect with women-owned businesses through the “Industry Women” networking section. Keep in mind that the basic listings are free, though you get only a limited amount of features, while the featured and spotlight listings start at $495 per year.

USA Cannabis Directory

8. USA Cannabis Directory

The USA cannabis directory aims to increase the visibility, customer retention, and reach of marijuana businesses in the US. You can search for companies and dispensaries similar to how you would search the Yellow Page -, by name, category, or keywords. Its unique feature is the audio dictation and the ability to highlight the listings you like.

The directory is organized into categories such as products, banking, legal services, advertising, and accounting. You can search through the virtual booklet for free, but to get listed, you need to pay a small fee. The most basic listing starts from $9 a month and gets to $95 per year, while the enhanced listing starts at $49 per year.

WikiLeaf Cannabis Directory

9. WikiLeaf

WikiLeaf is an invaluable online resource for cannabis consumers. Discover products, cannabis companies, and dispensaries on the site. Stay informed with the latest cannabis news, learn more about strains, and listen to informative podcasts.

The website offers a unique shopping experience, enabling customers to compare menus, prices, and cannabis strains. Also, shoppers can use the “reverse auction” feature, entering a price for amounts they want to buy, and dispensaries can bid on how many grams they offer for that amount.

The National Cannabis Industry Association Cannabis Directory

10. The National Cannabis Industry Association

The National Cannabis Industry Association directory informs Americans about the legitimate marijuana industry in the US. Its platform facilitates connections between marijuana business owners and potential clients and provides insights into the cannabis plant’s potential benefits.

The directory is a platform where marijuana business owners connect with potential clients and can get informed about the cannabis plant and the potential benefits of using it.

Connect with cannabis entrepreneurs and professionals across the US and raise awareness about the plant on their community website. The NCIA allows users to browse B2B services, profiles, and websites, and get the latest information about this versatile plant. To become a part of this directory, you should plan a budget for an annual membership that starts at around $1,000 for the Seedling membership and can reach as high as $25,000 for the Evergreen membership.

Final Thoughts

When listing your cannabis business on directories, remember your budget and traffic in your niche. Research and compare features to find the directory with the best ROI. Research and compare to choose the directory that fits your needs, offering the best return on investment.

And if you’re a cannabis business owner seeking to improve your SEO efforts through backlinks, we’re here to help. At Evergreen, we offer a complimentary SEO analysis to evaluate your digital marketing strategy and assist in achieving your goals with maximum effectiveness!

Contact Evergreen Cannabis SEO for a free analysis


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