Top Detroit Dispensaries to Visit for the NFL Draft

Detroit dispensary for the NFL draft

Welcome to Detroit!

I’m not the official ambassador for the D by any means, but I kind of feel that way since I’m writing this blog, and you found it! I’ve been a Lions fan since birth, so I think my 37 years of misery is enough to say this, haha.

Anyway, I’ve been in the cannabis industry in Michigan and other states since 2017. I still run a business in this industry, so here are my thoughts about dispos you should hit while in Detroit for the NFL Draft.

Detroit Herbal Center Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

14325 Wyoming Ave, Detroit, MI 48238

Detroit Herbal Center is renowned for its high-quality cannabis and commitment to community involvement. Offering a wide range of products from quality brands, these guys ensure customer satisfaction with personalized guidance from knowledgeable staff. They are committed to Detroit’s social equity and adhering to all local and state regulations; Detroit Herbal Center has safe, reliable products and actively enriches the local community.

Quality Roots Cannabis Dispensary

2024 Caniff St, Hamtramck, MI 48212

Located a short drive from the heart of Detroit, Quality Roots offers a broad selection of products in a modern, welcoming atmosphere. Known for its knowledgeable staff and quality offerings, it’s a must-visit for newcomers and seasoned consumers.

Dacut Weed Dispensary Detroit

12668 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48205

Dacut Weed Dispensary in Detroit offers a rewards program that allows customers to earn exclusive benefits and discounts. First-time visitors are welcomed with a complimentary eighth, dab, or gummy. Additionally, the dispensary features a daily Happy Hour from 4:20 to 7:10 PM. Please note that double-stacking discounts are not permitted. For convenience, customers can place orders online but must collect their purchases on the same day; any items left unpurchased in the cart will return to the sales floor at the end of the day.


237 Federal Street Detroit, MI 48209

Calyxeum, an innovative cultivation and processing company led by experienced Black women, is expanding into the retail space. They’ve partnered with Michigan’s esteemed brand, Moses Roses, to launch a flagship store in southwest Detroit. This new location boasts a comprehensive selection of products and just celebrated its grand opening on April 20th, 2024.

See if Latoya is around when you visit, and tell her Brady sent you!

Oz Cannabis Detroit

16829 Harper Ave. Detroit, MI 48224

Oz Cannabis offers a premium selection of products, including high-quality flower, vape carts, and concentrates. Staffed with knowledgeable budtenders, the Detroit location ensures customers receive personalized product recommendations to suit their needs. Additionally, visitors can join The Oz Loyalty Program to earn points for exciting in-store rewards and receive notifications about new deals and specials.

420 Factory

7555 Greenfield Rd, Detroit, MI 48228

420 Factory is a standout destination for a wide range of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, cartridges, concentrates, tinctures, and topicals. They are committed to innovation and quality, offering exceptional, affordable products without cutting corners. For anyone visiting Detroit for the NFL Draft, 420 Factory provides a comprehensive cannabis shopping experience with expert guidance and regular updates on its offerings.

PUFF Cannabis Company Hamtramck

11941 Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI 48212

PUFF Cannabis Company Hamtramck offers one of Michigan’s largest inventories, with ounce specials starting at $59 and a variety of pick-up and curbside options for first-time customers. The dispensary boasts a selection of Michigan’s finest cannabis products across diverse brands like LocalGrove, STIIIZY, and HYMAN, focusing on high-quality cultivation and potent product offerings. Whether for health and wellness or recreational use, PUFF Cannabis Company is a premier destination for anyone visiting Detroit for the NFL Draft.

Our NFL Draft Cannabis Dispensary Picks

As you explore Detroit during the draft, these dispensaries offer premium cannabis products and welcoming spaces to enhance your experience. Each location offers something unique, ensuring you find what you need to enjoy your stay.

Happy Draft!

If you represent any of these dispensaries or others looking to increase visibility and attract more customers, consider contacting us for specialized cannabis SEO services. We’re here to help you grow your presence in the industry and connect with more cannabis enthusiasts daily.


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