Best Cannabis Movies From Evergreen Cannabis SEO

Best Cannabis Movies Evergreen Cannabis SEO

Best Cannabis Movies: An informative look at the most noteworthy films about cannabis

Discover the top cannabis-themed movies we love here at Evergreen Digital!

By exploring movies and shows centered around weed, we might initially write them off as just another collection of stoner films. However, with the rise of streaming services, the genre has experienced a resurgence, offering a diverse range of cannabis culture-related stories.

Now for some great stoner films:

Pineapple Express (2008)

Best Cannabis Movies Pineapple express AI fan art

The first movie on our list has to be PE! Pineapple Express follows the adventures of a process server (Seth Rogen) and his weed dealer (James Franco). Rogen regularly visits his dealer just to buy his cannabis, though this time Franco gives him a taste of a rare new herb called “Pineapple Express” that allegedly gives you the most intense high ever.

After smoking a joint, James Franco and Seth Rogen go out of the apartment, and that’s when the craziness starts to happen. The movie follows them both as they witness a murder by a local drug lord and a corrupted cop and start running for their lives, scared of the killers on their trail.

Pineapple Express has remained one of the most popular cannabis movies as it combines both comedy and action. It’s an extremely fun and enjoyable movie that takes you on an adventure along with its main characters and goes perfectly well with a new strain that’ll make you relate to the characters even more.

This movie will give you a lot of laughs and ease you into your weekend, so definitely give it a watch.

Pineapple Express
David Gordon Green
Seth Rogen
James Franco
Danny McBride

How High (2001)

Best Cannabis Movies How High

A true classic. How High is a movie starring Method Man (Silas) and Redman (Jamal) who smoke a new kind of plant that’s allegedly magical and turns them into geniuses. This experience helps them ace their college entrance exam and leads them to Harvard. Follow them during their Harvard experience as their smoke runs dry and they have to start relying on their own wit and knowledge base to pass the exams.

Rated as one of the funniest weed-related comedies ever, the movie takes viewers through a cinematic experience that makes fun of stereotypes while exploiting them at the same time. If you enjoy movies about weed, the college experience, and more weed, give it a watch.

How High 2001
Jesse Dylan
Method Man
Obba Babatundé

Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke (1978)

A classic cannabis movie that casts Tommy Chong as the unemployed cannabis smoker and amateur drummer Anthony Stoner going on an adventure from Mexico to L.A. together with his comrade Pedro Pacas (played by Cheech Marin). Throughout their travels, the duo is followed by the police and is ultimately arrested for the possession of marijuana. Check out the movie to see how their adventure unfolds and what other misfortunes and comedic situations they find themselves in.

Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke, one of the most popular cannabis-smoking movies from the ’70s that has stood the test of time, will keep you laughing from start to finish. If you enjoy the classic weed movies, you should definitely watch this one.


Thomas Chong
Cheech Marin

Friday (1995)

Friday is a classic stoner movie that stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as two unemployed friends who have to find the money they owe by 10 PM. I remember seeing this one in high school. If you’re looking for a light-hearted stoner comedy with an easy plot, this one will be ideal. The duo spends most of their day getting into trouble and smoking weed, with their main goal being to get money from a rival by any means necessary.

This movie is both hilarious and iconic (not saying “iconic” as most people do today, its actually iconic), and many people have called it one of the best weed-related comedies ever made.

Friday 1995
F. Gary Gray
Ice Cube
Chris Tucker
Nia Long

Super Troopers (2001)

The endlessly quotable and entertaining comedy of Broken Lizard has all the hallmarks of a classic stoner film. From an insatiably hungry man devouring mushrooms to bumbling police officers who are easily fooled, it’s a guaranteed laugh-fest. Set in Vermont, the movie is a must-see for cannabis enthusiasts who want to kick back and relax on the weekend.

Regardless of the holiday season or any special occasion, you won’t regret watching Super Troopers while high. The endless laughter and memorable moments from this cult classic of stoner comedy will stay with you long after the movie ends.

Friday is a lighthearted, stoner comedy in which Craig Jones (Ice Cube) is handling the aftermath of getting fired. Its sequel, Next Friday, depicts a day in the life of Craig as he heads back to the suburbs in an attempt to escape from the thug he had a grudge against in prison. After Craig’s father convinces him to live with his uncle, fearing for his son’s life, Craig moves in with his uncle Elroy. He soon finds out that no matter where you go, trouble can always find you.

Both movies will keep you laughing for hours at the mishaps and adventures that the main protagonists go through. Reviewers rave about these movies and wish their Fridays looked adventure-packed and fun as these movies will keep you entertained for hours.

Super Troopers
Jay Chandrasekhar
Jay Chandrasekhar
Kevin Heffernan
André Vippolis

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

Another extremely popular cannabis movie is Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, which tells the story of the accountant Harold (John Cho) and his friend Kumar (Kal Penn). As they get high while smoking marijuana, they see a commercial about White Castle on TV. Craving a midnight snack, they set out to find a White Castle and satisfy their needs. On route to White Castle, they get deep into New Jersey and manage to get themselves into mischief.

If you wanted to know more about what getting the munchies after smoking weed feels like, this movie is the perfect one to watch. This 00s comedy that’s still as popular as when it first came out will give you 90 minutes of continuous laughter and enjoyment.

John Cho
Kal Penn
Ethan Embry

Dazed and Confused (1993)

A coming-of-age movie follows a group of high schoolers during their summer break in the 1970s. Starring Matthew McConaughey as Wooderson, a guru inspiring the youngsters. Popular quote: “Just keep livin’, man. L-i-v-i-n.”

Watch “Dazed and Confused”, a 30-year-old film. It’s a fun trip back to high school. You’ll enjoy the escapades of the characters. It’s funny and nostalgic.

Dazed and Confused
Richard Linklater
Jason London
Wiley Wiggins
Matthew McConaughey


The Big Lebowski (1998)

Best Cannabis Movies The Big Lebowski (1998)

In “The Big Lebowski,” Jeff Bridges plays Jeff Lebowski, known as “The Dude.” He’s mistaken for a wealthy man and attacked by two goons who demand he pay his wife’s debts. The Dude seeks revenge by finding the real millionaire and uncovers illegal activities involving pornography and abductions.

If you like the best cannabis movies that have a deeper plotline, this film is the one for you. This comedy-crime movie is a wild ride! It showcases “The Dude’s” stoic persistence as he braves countless tests of character. After watching, it’s easy to see why this classic is still talked about today.

The Big Lebowski (1998)
Joel & Ethan Coen
Jeff Bridges
John Goodman
Steve Buscemi

Soul Plane (2004)

Experience the ultimate adventure of flying across the world in your very own plane while having the time of your life. Look no further than this stoner flick to fulfill your wildest dreams. This comedy experience will keep you laughing and wondering what can possibly happen next.

Soul Plane tells the story of Nashawn Wade (Kevin Hart) whose pet tragically passed away during a flight. After filing a lawsuit, he wins a multimillion-dollar settlement against the airline. He uses settlement money to start an airline. The airline has music, a dance club, sexy crew. Also includes a bathroom assistant and Snoop piloting! To find out what adventures the crew encounters, you’ll need to keep on watching until the end.

Soul Plane
Jessy Terrero
Dwayne Adway
Kevin Hart
Snoop Dogg

Half Baked (1998)

This hilarious stoner movie led by Dave Chappelle, follows the journey of three friends – played by Guillermo Diaz, Jim Breuer, and Chappelle himself – as they plot to break their buddy Kenny (Harland Williams) out of prison. There’s only one problem: Kenny is locked up for killing a police horse. To raise bail money, they steal weed from a pharmaceutical company and set out to sell it. Will they succeed or fail spectacularly? Watch the film to find out!

An adventure-packed crime-comedy that was deemed the stoner flick of the 90s and compared with classics such as Up in Smoke will keep you entertained from start to finish. If you enjoy marijuana movies combined with action and adventure, then you’ll definitely enjoy Half Baked.

Half Baked
Tamra Davis
Dave Chappelle
Jim Breuer
Harland Williams

Reefer Madness (1936)

Reefer Madness (1936) is a cautionary tale about the dangers of marijuana and is considered a classic anti-marijuana film. It depicts how several teenagers end up taking their own lives after succumbing to the “demon weed”. The film’s legacy has served as a warning to avoid marijuana at all costs and is referenced in popular culture ever since.

Viewing “Reefer Madness” vividly illustrates how far weed culture has evolved since the 1930s. The absurd propaganda that once held sway over people’s views of the plant marijuana is now a source of amusement.

Reefer Madness
Louis J. Gasnier
Dorothy Short
Kenneth Craig
Lillian Miles

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

“Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is a 1982 comedy-drama for stoners. It’s about Southern California high school students exploring themes like love and sex. It has become a cult classic.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a must-watch for cannabis enthusiasts, thanks to its chill, relaxed atmosphere that complements a few puffs. The movie’s legendary moments, including Sean Penn’s iconic portrayal of Jeff Spicoli, have become cultural touchpoints beloved many years later.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a nostalgic trip back to the 80s that will leave you feeling happy and uplifted, making it the perfect movie to watch with some friends and some good buds.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
Amy Heckerling

Sean Penn
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Judge Reinhold

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

When it comes to time-traveling films, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a classic. This highly popular feature film, starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, follows the journey of two laid-back friends given the task to venture through time in hopes of saving their future. Along the way, they collect significant historical figures.

This stoner movie is a great mix of comedy, adventure, and sci-fi all rolled into one good film. With both humor and heartwarming moments, it’s an excellent choice to watch if you’re looking for something lighthearted and fun. Plus, Rufus (George Carlin) is always around to provide some clever quips and advice! What a trip to watch while you are on a trip!

Keanu Reeves
Alex Winter
George Carlin

Clerks (1994)

This cult classic from director Kevin Smith is a must-watch for any cannabis enthusiast. It follows the story of the two clerks, Dante and Randal. They make fun of customers, smoke weed, and contemplate their lives.

This stoner movie is full of hilariously funny scenes and dialogue that any weed head can relate to. Plus, it’s set in a convenience store, so you don’t have to worry about missing any snacks while watching! Clerks is definitely an excellent pick for a cannabis-filled movie night.

So grab your popcorn, roll up a joint, and get ready for a good laugh with Jay and Silent Bob. You won’t be disappointed!

Kevin Smith
Brian O’Halloran
Jeff Anderson
Marilyn Ghigliotti

Smiley Face (2007)

If you’re searching for a film combining humor with introspection, look no further than Smiley Face. Follow Jane F. (played by Anna Faris), an aspiring actress, through her comical misadventure after mistakenly consuming her roommate’s weed-filled cupcakes.

Smiley Face is a captivating reflection on weed culture and how it helps people deal with daily struggles. It’s filled with hilarious moments, like awkward run-ins with law enforcement & memorable encounters with strangers. But the movie has a deeper side to it too, offering some thought-provoking insights. It’s definitely a must-watch stoner film!

Smiley Face
Gregg Araki
Anna Faris
John Krasinski
Adam Brody

Ted (2012)

Best Cannabis Movies Ted (2012) Evergreen Cannabis SEO

Ted the final entry on our list. In the movie, John Bennet (played by Mark Wahlberg) makes a wish for his teddy bear, Ted (played by Seth MacFarlane), to come to life. Thirty years later, his wish came true, and now he and Ted are inseparable buddies who enjoy weed and beer. A decision between Ted and John’s girlfriend Lori (played by Mila Kunis) catalyzes captivating events.

Don’t miss this enchanting film, where your favorite toys come to life and become your best friends! It’s a treat you won’t forget!

Ted (2012)
Seth MacFarlane
Mark Wahlberg
Mila Kunis
Seth MacFarlane


Final Thoughts on Our Favorite / Best Cannabis Movies

Our list offers a variety of best cannabis movies that cater to different preferences. You can choose from stoner movies to comedies to more serious films. Get comfy, grab some popcorn, and enjoy!


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Disclaimer: This article is intended strictly for educational purposes only; please don’t use this information to make any decisions related to health, safety, or legal compliance. Always consult your local laws before using cannabis or cannabis-related products.  


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