23 Places to Submit for Cannabis Guest Posts

23 Places to Submit for Cannabis Guest Posts

Here are our Top 23 Cannabis Guest Post submission sites to get your message heard!

If you’re aiming to increase your brand awareness, get more exposure, or incur more quality backlinks, cannabis guest posts are a necessary strategy for your business.

With most search engines, high-quality link building helps to improve rankings and make the page more authoritative. If you’re a professional or company that’s working in the cannabis industry, whether your business is a delivery service, dispensary, e-commerce store, or cannabis-related professional service, having a solid strategy for building up backlinks is essential for the growth of your online footprint. A great way to develop strong backlinks is to offer guest posts, amongst other link-building strategies and tactics. We’ll explain what guest posting is and list the best places online to submit your cannabis guest posts.

Best 23 Places to Guest Post for a Cannabis Business

The terms “guest posting” or “guest blogging” are used to describe the content marketing tactic of producing content for another company’s website, the ultimate purpose being to attract traffic back to the content creator’s website. Guest posting has become one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) tools that help companies:

  • Increase the traffic to their website
  • Increase brand awareness and brand credibility
  • Market your company or team member’s thought leadership
  • Build relationships in the industry
  • Increase the authority of the domain with external links from other high-authority domains

While it may appear ineffective to write articles and post them on competing sites, guest posting can do wonders for your cannabis business in terms of increasing the organic rankings of your cannabis website.

Below, we’ll cover 23 places where you can submit cannabis guest posts to reap the benefits of this great SEO tactic.

1. High Times

When talking about places to submit cannabis guest posts, High Times is one of the first options that comes to mind as it’s one of the most popular. It has been one of the most prominent cannabis magazines ever since its first issue back in the 1970s, though its digital magazine is especially popular nowadays.

This media outlet has various categories that pique the interest of different types of cannabis users, which include cannabis news, guides about growing cannabis, cannabis-related events, entertainment, culture, and many more. Since it’s such a popular platform, a backlink from High Times may do wonders for your cannabis business in terms of providing you with high-quality backlinks, resulting in increased brand visibility and better SEO.

2. Marijuana Mommy

Marijuana Mommy is another well-known blog in the cannabis community that can also be used as a place where you can submit cannabis guest posts. The blog is run by a cannabis nurse and it may be a useful resource for anyone who wants to learn more about cannabis. It focuses on informing people about her experience with cannabis after experiencing a work accident that resulted in serious nerve pain and severe depression. After a while, she started using medical cannabis and figured out that it was the only thing that helped her, so now she informs others about how they can use it medicinally.

3. Dope Magazine

The next place you can submit your cannabis guest posts is Dope Magazine, a lifestyle publication that opens the conversation about the cannabis movement. If you have an article between 350 and 500 words that you want to publish on their site, just contact the magazine as they accept various kinds of cannabis guest posts. Just keep in mind that you need to put some effort into it as they accept only high-quality articles. On their site you’ll notice that apart from blogs, they also post news about the cannabis industry, review different strains and products, talk about cannabis-related events, and other cannabis-related topics.

4. Green Rush Daily

Another content site where you can add your guest posts is Green Rush Daily. Their content spans from reviewing popular cannabis products and strains to industry-related news and cannabis guides. This digital publication that provides content on all things related to cannabis can be a great way for you to place quality backlinks that will improve your Google ratings and increase your online brand presence.

5. Weed Weekly

Weed Weekly has quite varied cannabis-related content, which includes strain reviews, recent and relevant news from the cannabis world, an entertainment section, as well as a forum and video content. They even have their own podcast that focuses on information about cannabis. As such, it’s a great place to feature your guest posts to increase your brand awareness, as well as the number of potential customers. To do that, you only need to email the editor and send out your information, and they can include your article on their site.

6. Craft Sense

Craft Sense is an online guide that covers different types of craft cannabis products such as craft chocolate, cannabis, beer, coffee, and much more. So, if you’re a producer of these types of products, you can take advantage of the opportunity to submit a cannabis-related guest post to Craft Sense and have it featured on their website.

The interesting thing about guest posting on their site is that you need to apply through a form they’ve provided and include your field of interest and your name in order to contact them. Apart from the cannabis products that they write about, they also focus on travel and give you tips and tricks on food, beverages, and weed in certain locations.

7. Green Dorphin

Green Dorphin is an online source that aims to educate people about the cannabis plant and using it responsibly. The mission of the brand is to cultivate a better human-cannabis relationship and help people live a safe and responsible cannabis lifestyle, which is why most of their content is educational and informational. The site can be a great opportunity for you to submit a guest post and get featured in order to get referral traffic, increase your brand awareness, and rank higher on Google.

8. The Weedstreet Journal

Self-proclaimed as the authority in cannabis news and culture, the Weedstreet Journal is the equivalent of The Wall Street Journal in the cannabis community. You can visit the website and learn more about different aspects of the cannabis market and cannabis plants, such as newly-passed laws, strain and product reviews, latest cannabis research, and much more. Since they always look for contributors who want to spread the word about cannabis, you can contact them in order to include your own article as a guest post.

9. CBD Testers

If you’re in the CBD business, this site is an invaluable resource where you can read more about CBD, but also submit your own guest post. Apart from giving you information about CBD, on CBD Testers, you can also find information related to business, research, lifestyle, DIYs, cannabis products, psychedelics, deals, wholesale, and they even have a newsletter. If you want to make sure that you have a great backlink to your site, this is another great place to submit your guest post. Just remember to read the guidelines before you submit it as they have a strict policy related to the quality and type of content they post.

10. Topgrows

If you’re interested in learning more about the cannabis plant as well as cannabis cultivation and hydroponic gardening from the 48-year-old cannabis expert, you should definitely visit this website. On Topgrows, you can learn more about controlling the climate in your grow space, cannabis growing essentials, harvesting, lights, tents, and much more. It also offers information about cultivating cannabis plants, more specifically about cultivation tools, grow lights, types of growing mediums, etc. This is also an excellent website where you can submit guest posts on a wide number of topics.

11. CannaHealth

CannaHealth is a platform that offers its readers personal stories, educational posts, and all things cannabis-related. To become featured on their website, you need to fill out an online form to contact someone from the platform regarding your guest post.

12. Colorado Pot Guide

Colorado Pot Guide is a popular dispensary directory and one of the biggest blogs in Colorado related to cannabis. With thousands of daily visitors, the site offers its readers varied cannabis-related content. You can find anything and everything on their site, ranging from cannabis dispensaries near you, to exploring the cannabis culture through various cannabis deals. Their blog is a great place where you can submit your guest post and provide relevant backlinks to your website.

13. Green Doctor Network

The Green Doctor Network is one of the most popular blogs in Canada that focuses on providing relevant and well-researched information about cannabis. Apart from this, the site also works as a premier full-service medical marijuana referral network. Through the site, you can access licensed doctors who can help you figure out the best treatment option and help you get a medical marijuana prescription.

You can also find news about the benefits of using marijuana, beginner guides, as well as a lot of relevant information about the science behind cannabis. As a Canadian MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) service or a dispensary, you can be included in their directory, or use their site for various types of guest posts.

14. THC Overdose

THC Overdose is one of the fastest-growing online publishers in the cannabis industry. The site is focused on cannabis-related content that includes growing cannabis, using cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, as well as product descriptions. It also features information about growing weed, consuming weed through various consumption methods, and the latest information from the cannabis world. You can also use this site to add cannabis-related guest posts and promote your brand.

15. Kush CA

Another blog that focuses on cannabis and its versatility in use is the California Bay Area Kush CA blog. The blog offers you the opportunity to promote your personal platform, product, or company by submitting cannabis guest posts. They always search for cannabis-themed articles, interviews, features, profiles, and more, and sell cannabis-inspired shirts, hoodies, phone cases, stickers, posters, mugs, and other products which can be purchased through their online shop.

16. Why Biotech

Why Biotech is a place where you can get information about CBD and its use, purchase CBD products, and find any other relevant information about cannabis you could ever want to read. This is another popular cannabis site that offers you the chance to submit a guest post. To do that, you just need to contact them and discuss further steps.

17. Shaded Co

Shaded Co is an online weed distributor based in Canada that provides readers with cannabis information regarding online dispensaries, weed strain reviews, different weed products, gear and accessories, as well as places where you can buy them. They also have a cannabis how-to section that focuses on different cannabis products and how to use them in the right manner. The site also offers you an opportunity to buy cannabis if you’re based in Ontario or British Columbia, and information on where to buy the best CBD products in Canada. Needless to say, their site is also guest-posting-friendly.

18. Cannabisser

Another site that focuses on marijuana news and reviews is Cannabisser. The site is the perfect place where you can get the most recent medical marijuana information, product, and dispensary reviews, as well as learn how you can start your own cannabis business. You can submit your own cannabis guest post by contacting them and determining the terms for your collaboration.

19. Marijuana Connections

Marijuana Connections is an online site that features all of the Colorado-based dispensaries and individual reviews about each of them. You can use the site to read about different types of cannabis strains and their effects, as well as various medicinal products. You can also get more information about different cannabis strains, read articles written by a licensed doctor that specializes in recreational marijuana, and advertise your brand. The site also offers the opportunity for guest posting. To do that, you only need to fill out a Google form that contains all your information, and after they receive it, they’ll contact you to discuss things further.

20. Four Weed

Four Weed is an online platform where you can get more information about US-based licensed healthcare professionals in the realm of medical marijuana. In the era of cannabis legalization, it’s crucial to find a source that you can trust, and Four Weed offers you just that. Their website also includes the latest relevant information about cannabis, strain and product reviews, guides, and more.

21. Healthy Cares

This online publication, Healthy Cares, combines healthcare, fitness, and cannabis. You can use their site to learn more about these three main topics and stay on top of all the newest information about the cannabis market and different cannabis products and trends. You can also use this site to get featured as a guest blogger, you just need to make sure that the content you’d like to submit is related to the topics they cover in order for it to be submitted.

22. Euflora

Euflora is a great place for you to publish your guest posts if you’re in the field of cannabis education or cannabis technology. The articles that they feature revolve around providing cannabis aficionados with the latest information about weed and the technology surrounding this ever-expanding market. You can learn more about management and technology services, and find out why they connect cannabis technology and education. If you want to include your guest post on their site, make sure that you fill out the form which can be found there.

23. IGarden Plating

You can probably tell by the name that IGarden Planting is a website that informs readers about growing cannabis. It also gives guest bloggers an opportunity to add a guest post on their site that focuses on the cultivation of cannabis and other related topics.

Just remember that you’ll have to pay for the opportunity to appear on their site. The site also contains information about other indoor plants, as well as fruits, flowers, plants, and trees, and how to properly grow and care for them.

Marketing for Your Cannabis Brand

If you’ve been looking for the best places to submit your cannabis guest posts online with a zero-to-low budget, start with this list. You may eventually want to engage a partner to support you in these efforts, but we understand many cannabis businesses are also bootstrapped too as they get started.

When you are ready for a partner to support guest posting and outreach efforts, an experienced cannabis SEO agency can creatively tackle any challenges your site is facing while simultaneously unlocking opportunities for your business. If you’re looking for a partner to support your digital marketing strategy, SEO efforts, or more, contact us today for your free SEO analysis.

At Evergreen Digital, we are always looking to help fellow cannabis businesses thrive while enhancing their online presence through quality, tested, and proven growth tactics and strategies.

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